- Kim

About Us

Off-Grid Prizes is a prize competition company based in North Wales, UK, an idyllic setting for those who love the outdoors like us!

It is this love for the outdoors that has fueled our desire to start a company that could not only give everyone a chance to win some of the best outdoor lifestyle products on the market today but that could also hopefully make a small impact on preserving and restoring our great outdoors right here in the UK.  This is why we chose to donate 10% of our yearly earnings to Rewilding Britain, you can find out more about our charitable donation here.

Now for those who are thinking that’s great, but who are you really?

My name is Kim and I was born and raised in the Great White North but moved to North Wales about 3 years ago after marrying a Welshman.

Back in Canada, I grew up in a family who has planted over 365,000 trees on 380 acres of agricultural land. Today this land has turned into a beautiful thriving forest with an abundance of wildlife including deer, coyotes, wild turkeys and more. To say the least, the importance and impact of habitat and wildlife preservation has been instilled in me from youth.

Ever since I moved to North Wales, I have taken every opportunity I can to enjoy the great outdoors that this country has to offer. My hope is that this beautiful yet fragile environment can be preserved for future generations to come.

- Kim